the Fitter

Beth has been actively involved in the equine industry since 1993 beginning with her first business - tack cleaning and repair as a teenager to pay for her horse and eventing entry fees.  This evolved into working for VTO tack and being introduced to the tack industry where she began learning about the different brands, designs, customer service, and tack trends.  Most recently, she has been a high end consumer as she pursued FEI level dressage experience.  Tack that is functional, attractive, and a good value were important as she pursued these goals.  In 2019, her health took a downward hit and instead of being able to pursue goals as a professional horse person, she had to re-evaluate her goals.  While reflecting, she realized that as an upper level rider, it was very difficult to find reliable and professional services to support horse owners.  Combined with her extensive experience as an upper level rider and a career as a university level anatomist plus a passion for all leatherwork, she knew immediately that saddle fitting and leather goods sales would be an excellent fit.  She loves meeting new people and their horses while helping them achieve a better relationship with their horse.  Tack can't solve everything, but if you are secure and comfortable in your setup, this will open doors to a higher understanding with your horse.

the Takt Buying Process

Purchasing a Täkt saddle with Nirvana Saddlery is a straightforward process that involves a collaboration of the fitter, the client, and the company to assure the best fit for the client.  In the professional workplace, you wouldn't solely develop a project, research it, then come to a conclusion without the input of other people.  The same is true here.  Instead of "waving a magic wand" like many fitters and saddle company representatives, we go over the steps of the fitting process, the differences in the saddles, and double check our observations and recommendations with Täkt before we finalize the sale.  This allows for quality control and a system of checks - which we welcome.

Because Täkt is focused on quality, not quantity, we work with you, your anatomy, and your horse's anatomy to make alterations to the seat, flap, and tree as necessary to give you the best ride you can get.  The models that you will try at a demo appointment will help select which model most closely matches you and your horse and then we work from there to tune in the rest of the fine details.  Modifications are never something we shy away from so if something in the past has "sort of" or "almost" fit, we are more than happy to alter designs to meet your needs.


the Services

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